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On Second Chances

The thing about second chances is that they rarely happen by accident. Rather, I think they are culmination of time, experience, and the wisdom to recognize that you even need a second chance. Then it’s up to you to create it.

After many years of living “the American Dream” of a bigger house, newer cars, and more stuff, I gradually realized that stuff doesn’t equate to happiness. Not even close. So we downsized; a little at first, then a whole lot more. I might have even gone a little over the edge with the whole minimalist thing. But just a little. Still, that minimalist journey led to the desire to live more simply, which eventually led to homesteading, and that eventually led to Tanglefoot Farm. And here we are. I only wish we’d made it here a little sooner.

At Tanglefoot Farm, we are creating a self-sufficient lifestyle. We run on grid-tied solar and use appropriate technology. We grow food naturally and preserve the harvest. We work to restore fertility to our land and improve wildlife habitat. There are cover crops and earthworms, chickens and wildlife. We have small fields and covered tunnels to grow in, and wild spaces along the creek for the birds, foxes, and other critters. We live a lot closer to nature now, and I spend my free time digging in the garden, watching chickens and squirrels, and inventing projects to keep my ever-patient husband busy.

There is always something that needs doing on a farm. From daily chores like feeding and caring for chickens, to gigantic projects like building a high tunnel. We are constantly learning and improving our practices, and I’m excited to share what’s going here at the farm, and the progress we are making towards our goal of living sustainably and self-sufficiently.

Tanglefoot. Where we raise chickens, grow food, and live a happy life. Be sure to stop back by and I’ll show ya around!