Dreaming of a Farmhouse Kitchen

Next week we are closing on a two acre lot where we plan to build a “Barndominium” for our forever home.  As soon as we got the land,  my nesting instincts went into overdrive. I daydream about flooring and lights, and what my farmhouse kitchen will look like.  I’ve already made a few purchases; 1930’s factory windows for the cabinet doors, and Appleton factory pendants from City Surplus Architectural Salvage. I’m looking for authentic industrial farmhouse decor. It’s gonna take a while to find everything, so I decided to start early!

Kitchen Planning

To help with planning all the details, I’m using  mood boards for each area of the house. I think it will be fun to lay it all out. Then see how that evolves into the completed room.   This farmhouse kitchen is going to be the focal point of the main room,  So of course, that’s the first mood board I put together.   farmhouse kitchen Mood BoardThis is going to be a beautiful kitchen! I’m going with stained Shaker-style cabinets. I love the look of painted cabinets, but I’ve had both & a stained finish is more durable and requires less maintenance.

The cabinet doors, hardware, windows, large appliances and countertops will all be black. We’re going with a wood-look tile floor for durability, with both brown & gray tones in it.  I want to use reclaimed wood for the farmhouse island, and I’m considering a zinc top. The subway tile backsplash will probably have dark gray grout. Copper small appliances & cookware will add some sparkle, and those green Appleton lights  will be a little pop of color in this neutral room.

Things to Keep

Another thing I find myself thinking about is what to take to the new house, and what to let go.  I’ve made a move towards minimalism over the last few years, and I no longer keep things  just because I already have them.  Whatever I keep needs to have a place and a purpose, even if the purpose is simply to create a little joy when I see it.  The “place”  is a challenge in the new  kitchen, because most of the walls are taken up with windows or cabinetry.  But here’s a few of the  “keepers.”farmhouse kitchen decorThe FARMHOUSE sign is handmade by one of the vendors from the Market I host, and it’s going over my farmhouse kitchen window.  The tobacco drying rack is legit, and so is the sickle; I love them both, and I think they will fit on the wall by the pantry.  I planted the little succulent garden in an old chicken feeder and it lives on my kitchen windowsill.  The French vases aren’t vintage, but they are so practical and pretty. They live above the stovetop so utensils are handy.  The last “keeper” for the new kitchen is my recently repainted rooster, who’ll reside on the kitchen island.weathered chicken for our farmhouse kitchen

Oh, my goodness, I can’ wait to cook in this farmhouse kitchen!!

Planning a Farmhouse Kitchen

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