I am so done with Winter, I want to start my garden! I’ve been pouring over garden catalogs & scouring Pinterest for garden tips & ideas. I recently ordered the Burpee Seed Starter Kit, because last year’s home-made effort didn’t work very well.  It arrived yesterday, along with all the seeds I ordered, so today mom and I planted our soon-to-be seedlings.

Seed Starter Kit

This kit is actually pretty nifty. It has two 32-cell planters, a water-wicking mat to keep the seedlings moist, a water tray, a stand, seedling soil, and even a map so you can remember what’s where in the tray. I also ordered the heating pad that helps keep the seeds around 72 degrees so they germinate quicker.

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We planted Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Jalepenos, Leeks, and a bunch of “Strawberry Blonde” Marigolds – they’re pink! Marigolds keep buggy things away, so I want them ready to go with the vegetables.

Container Garden

Container gardensI also spent a little bit of time getting ready for the garden.  I bought a couple of galvanized tubs to use for the cucumbers and patio corn, some potting soil, and landscape fabric. To prep the tubs for use, I drilled holes in the bottom and lined them with landscape fabric. I also drilled holes in an old wagon I have, because I want to use it to plant some pollinator-friendly annuals.

The last little bit I did today was put down the landscape fabric where the straw bale garden is going to be. Last year we skipped this step, and coastal took over our bales. It didn’t hurt the plants, but it looked like a hot mess.  Once the bales are placed, I can cover the rest of the landscape fabric with mulch.

Garden to beNext week,  we’ll pick up the straw bales, and start conditioning them so we can plant the first week in March. After the bales are conditioned, they heat up and allow earlier planting.  I have plastic to keep the plants covered & help hold in the heat until it’s past the last frost date.   This should give us a chance for an extra crop harvest . I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but I see a beautiful, bountiful garden harvest!

Preparing for a Spring Garden



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