About Tanglefoot Farm

Hey, Ya’ll! I’m Cori, the farm-her at Tanglefoot Farm . I can’t remember exactly what sent me down the path of becoming a farmer. I think it was a combination of things that finally forced us to take a hard look at our lifestyle. So I didn’t have a big “aha” moment, but a gradual awareness that there was something different out there that I wanted. A slower paced, more meaningful lifestyle.

One that recognized that we are merely stewards of our children’s planet. A desire to walk more softly on the Earth, and tune in to the natural rhythms around us. I also wanted to know that my food was grown and raised ethically, humanely, and sustainably, without harming the environment we live in.

The House at Tanglefoot Farm

In 2018, I convinced my hubby that we needed to be homesteaders. We purchased two acres and built our forever home, a barndominium style 900 sf house and a big ole barn, that we should have built just a little bit bigger. We did most of it ourselves, and when that was all finished we went to work on infrastructure for the farm. We built gardens, and fences, and coops ( oh my!) We also hauled off trash, cleared trees, and chipped up piles and piles of brush. This place has come so far since we first began, but there is always more to do, it seems.

The gamechanger that has allowed us to move into market gardening was an NRCS grant for a high tunnel. It took three years to finally be awarded, and an entire summer to get the tunnel constructed and ready to plant. But we did it! With the high tunnel, we can grow crops year around, and better utilize the land we can cultivate, which is about 1.25 acres of our property.

We are still in expansion mode, with three more tunnels and two fields to get up and running, fruit trees and shrubs to plant, and fences to build. We are also increasing our small livestock to include chickens, dwarf Nubian dairy goats, bees, and possibly pork . We plan to use these animals for value added products such as goat cheese, honey, home made breads, eggs, and meats. It’s a work in progress, and I’m loving every minute of it!

To learn more about our farm, check out what we grow, and how we grow it. Then come visit us here at the farm, or at the Farmer’s Market.