Planting a Garden

Who I Am?

A few years ago, I took a long hard look at the high-consumption lifestyle we had lived for many years, and thought, “Man, I need a do-over on this one.” 

Well, I can’t have a do-over, but I can start living my life in a more positive way. In a way that focuses on family and home, and doing things that bring me joy and some inner peace.  In a way that celebrates the abundance we already have, and finds happiness in the doing, rather than in “having it all.” 

I finally understand that we are simply stewards of our children’s planet, and I want to start living like that means something. To live sustainably and regeneratively so that future generations have a planet that can support them. 

Looking Forward

I’m happiest when I’m digging in the dirt. I love being outside, helping things grow, and then reaping the harvest. I started gardening in earnest a few years ago, which was the first step on a pretty short path that led to homesteading.  And now here I am, at the beginning of a new adventure, dragging my somewhat bemused husband along with me. 

My hubby Brad and I built our forever home with our own hands, and started a homestead on two acres in the heart of Oklahoma. I’ve got big plans for our little patch of green, and we are well on our way!   

I’m learning so, so much about growing plants, creating sustainable food systems, and creating fertility in the soil without chemicals, and every day I’m out in the garden, I learn a little more.  And I’ll keep learning and growing the skills we need to life a regenerative and self-sufficient life. 

 I want to know where my food comes from. I want to know it’s grown and harvested with care and respect, both for the humans who eat it, and the plants and animals that provide it. I want to be able to harvest an abundant living from the earth, and know that I’ve given back something in return. 

By going all in on this new homesteading lifestyle, I hope to find  a more meaningful way of living, and a connection to the natural rhythms of the world we all live in. 

Big dreams, on a little plot of land.