Gardening while being a renter is a challenge. My landlord frowns on me digging up the yard, so I use alternate methods, like Strawbale gardening.  At the end of the season, the bales can be removed, and the grass will recover.  This year,  I wanted a way to bring more pollinators into the garden.  I think a lack of pollinators might have been why some of my veggies didn’t do very well last year. So, I ordered some Mason bees to help. If I want them to stay nearby, I need lots of flowering plants for them. Since I can’t dig a bed, I decided to use an old Radio Flyer Wagon instead.

This is a super simple project, and will add some color to the yard. To start, drill 1/2 inch holes into the bottom of the Radio Flyer to allow for drainage.  Use a metal-drilling bit to do this, spacing the holes about six inches apart.  I also drilled galvanized buckets to use a planters.

Make a container garden

Next, line the wagon with landscape fabric to keep the soil from draining out the bottom with the water, and then fill the wagon with potting mix.

Make a container garden

I used a narrow pot to add a second level to the wagon’s planting area. Once the flowers grow in, this won’t be visible, and will make the planting look fuller. I’m wishing I had gotten a green one, but oh, well.  Super simple, and so cute. I hope my Mason Bees like it!

This project took less than an hour from beginning to end, and I love my Radio Flyer Pollinator Garden!

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