Our New Homestead

I’ve wanted to live in the country for a long time. But this and that happened, and we just never seemed to be in a place where we could make it happen.  But finally, after 10+ years of dreaming about it, we bought a little patch of green.

Our New Property - Tanglefoot Farm

It’s two acres off of a county road, and  although it’s been rather neglected,  I just love it.  A dry creek bed runs along one side of the property, and a slight rise that’s a perfect place to build a house.  Some huge cedar & oak trees.  I can’t wait to get it cleaned up so we can start building our new home! We’ve never built a house before, and I’m pretty excited about it!

When I was a kid, we spent tons of time playing in creeks and climbing in trees. I loved every minute of it. We built dams in the creek, and used a massive overgrowth of honeysuckle as a trampoline.   This giant cedar reminds me of one of our tree forts.  Once inside of it, the branches are like a ladder straight to the top.

A Bit of Property Exploring

I went on a little explore around the property a few days ago. I wanted to get a better idea of what needs to be done to get it cleared & ready to build on.

Among other things, I found a tiny little bird’s nest in one of the small trees.

And lot’s of pretty wild grasses near the creek.

Along with all the nifty stuff, I also found there’s a lot of work to do. old fencing, a mystery electrical thingy coming up from the ground, and a random metal post in the middle of the property all need to be removed.  The land is covered up by Eastern Red Cedar, and there a lot of smaller trees  and brambles to clear. Eventually, I’d like to have this property be a Certified Wildlife Habitat. To that end we need to do some some reforestation with the oaks that should be here in the Crosstimbers.

This is the creek line at Tanglefoot, and what gave the place it’s name. Between the deadfall and the brambles it’s pretty challenging to make it to the creek bed.  This is a project that will keep me busy for quite some time, and I can’t wait to start!

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