The thought of freshly harvested vegetables is very appealing & I look forward to either growing my fown fresh produce, or finding it at a local market. However, as a former frozen-is-best kind of girl, I found out that produce storage isn’t as simple as stuffing it in the crisper. Rules. There are rules for storing produce, so they stay flavorful and nutritious.

Produce Storage Containers

Vegetable Storage

I discovered this amazing little tidbit at Walmart, when I came across the Progressive Prepworks Fruit & Vegetable Keeper. I was so impressed I bought two.  They even come with a little cheat sheet to tell you how to store your produce.  I figured out these are best used for produce that likes to be stored with water. This includes asparagus, lettuce, or greens. They work great for all produce storage, but not all produce requires water. If it need water, it doesn’t really need to go in the Keeper.   These are super-handy when you want to do some food prep for the week ahead as well. I use mine a lot!

Produce Storage Chart

After I bought these, I did a little research and compiled a list of the fruits & veggies I like, and how to store them. I keep it taped to the inside of my spice cabinet door so it’s handy when I’m putting up groceries.  I supposed eventually I will just remember where everything needs to go, but it hasn’t happened yet!  So here’s a copy of my produce storage list; I think you’ll find it pretty handy!

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